Deny What? That co2 Rises and Temperatures stay flat? Who is Denying Reality? This is Realism

    I am taking some time to answer your email. I do not go along with any crowd.  I care about you and everyone worth caring about.  That is why I share the truths I find.  Truths are tools to understand human nature and physical nature.

    This is not right wing propaganda.  It is the real science. I am not right wing, or left wing, I am rational, trained as an engineer and Finance person.  It is from this analytical and math based experience that I have investigated the CO2 Globalwarming claims. It is the actual numbers I look to, not those that are made up as predictions.  The actual raw numbers are in opposition to the predictions,.and have been for a very long time. The predictors are now finally admitting to it because there is a long enough string of measurements to see it is not working.  They will have to change their position.
     Popular politics on both sides have been all about the predictions, and not the actual measurements.  They are still that way.  Neither of the parties or political extremes is talking about the facts of climate change…what is actually happening.  Right Wingers don’t know what they are talking about, and are in support or opposition just on principle. Left Wingers are enthusiastic about their ideals, also often acting just on principle. They should both be embarassed by their ignorance of what is really happening and not taking time to verify, to question their leaders.  Real Science knows no politics, but instead, it deals with reality.  It should not be “Political Science”,  Real Science relishes independent thinking.  Real Scientists are quick to abandon a theory that is obviously not working. They don’t want to waste their time.  They want to fix or replace the theory with something else to test. Politicians will do what works for political and economic gain until they are exhausted.
     Yes, I have an opinion.  I love nature and I am committed to protecting her.  Horrible things are being done, Fracking may be the worst, alongside coal mining and oil drilling… world wide sources of absurd wealth and destruction.  We need to expand alternative clean renewable energy sources and conservation.
      We need to have confidence in our scientists ability to do this.  Unfortunately, all Scientist’s credibility is at stake here. The sooner we put the charlatans out, the sooner we can apply ourselves honestly to protecting Nature as a goal in itself without living in fear.  Without being manipulated.  We are powerful.  We can adapt successfully to the climate change humans fortunately cannot control.
     Yes, I have an opinion.  I hate being misled and taken advantage of for political and economic gain. Watch as the political winds change as we get news coverage of the actual weather instead of just the predictions. Unfortunately, new ways to mislead us and take advantage of us will be invented immediately. The emperors of any persuasion never did have any clothes unless we chose to believe they did, and we didn’t take the time to look closely at the fabric.  I am open to all opinions with the facts they can present, even if there is spin.  I can take the spin off, like the emperor’s clothes.
So, I took the time to express myself, and discover along the way more accurately how I feel.  Thank you for being the stimulus for me to do it.  It is evolutionary.  I did it because I care about you.

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