Letter to Barack Obama and Joe Biden

Austrailia is repealing the carbon tax. They have become objective about Climate Science and the costs of futile attempts to control the weather. It is not us. Temperature measurements are being manipulated by not using raw measurements. Satellite measurements cannot be manipulated, and they show the Earth Cooling since 2003. It is not CO2 controlling the Earths temperature or weather. 97% of greenhouse gas effects are from Water Vapor, not CO2. We only contribute less than a percent of the Earth’s CO2. It is not making a difference. Water Vapor makes for Global Warming. Water Vapor turns into clouds when Cosmic Rays hits it. Clouds are the #1 Cooling effect as they reflect the Sun’s Energy. We are now getting colder. PLEASE don’t let our Democrats be caught out on the wrong side of this issue. The last fifteen years have had the hottest summers. The last fifteen years have had the coldest winters on record. The next two years will be very cold and it will be obvious we need a new forecasting model. It cannot be dominated by CO2. We cannot control the weather as humans. Objective scientists do not believe CO2 controls The Earth’s temperature or weather. Please be objective. Look at the other side of the arguments. Now, this is not political… watch or listen to the Heartland 9th International Conference on Climate Change that just ended in Las Vegas. Their speeches are online to listen to. There you will hear the objective science. 9029 PHD Scientists signed a petition at petitionproject.com encouraging you to not commit us to heating because what we must responsibly do for the future is prepare for colder and colder and colder weather.


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