Global Temperatures Have Clearly Turned Downward. Who Can We Trust to Tell us The Truth About Global Warming>

HadCRUT4 GlobalMonthlyTempSince1958 AndCO2The Great Global Warming promoters are getting louder every day. They have to protect their position and credibility. Let’s look at what is undeniably real.

Look at the actual average surface temperature anomaly graph with a line for CO2 level above, as published by Climate4You.  Obviously, since 2003, Temperatures went DOWN while CO2 went up. Oh, by the way, this was also happening before 1977!


Now, look at the 100 year temperature anomaly graph published by the  Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research and University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit.  That same University is  where the IPCC started its research, and developed its CO2 increase = Global Warming Theory in the Early 1980’s after cooling turned to warming beginning 1978. Note that the period of warming ended in 2003. The Earth’s Surface Temperature measurements and Air Temperature measurements are Flat since 2003, and are clearly starting to turn down.

There are other charts from East Anglia “HadCRUT” in conjunction with that to show the flattening and turn down of Global Surface Temperatures. See for yourself: http://inconveniencetruth.com/daily_global_average_temp.htm

The only parties that cling to claiming global warming cannot be stopped are those who are committed to the PREDICTION that the undeniable rise in CO2 results in a dramatic rise in Earth’s temperature. It JUST IS NOT HAPPENING!

Temperatures have leveled off, so the Global Warming promoters have redirected attention to melting ice. Ice was melting in the Arctic, but it reversed in 2013, and has been increasing in the Antarctic all the time. Southern Hemisphere (Antarctica) ice sheets are thickening to the extent that the weight of ice shelves is causing them to break off and glaciers are speeding up under their own weight.

Cyclical Global cooling always starts in the Southern Hemisphere because of the larger extent of ocean surfaces there. This time is no different. Antarctic temperatures have been constantly low, and Arctic temperatures have now turned downward, as shown in the 37 month moving average Arctic and Antarctic chart

The cooling cycle then moves to the North. The year 2012 was the peak of North Arctic ice retreat, and 2013 was the beginning of a rapid return of the ice. Keep watching for some media coverage, but do not expect mention of 2013 or later.  Some arctic ice extent charts are missing the year 2013 and 2014.  These most recent years are not consistent with the story we are being told.  There are graphs for those too, at http://inconveniencetruth.com/arctic_sea_ice_extent_increa.htm .

The weather is a matter of factual observation. The IPCC predictions from 34 separate models do not match the facts.   The IPCC points to their predictions AS-IF they were actuals, and will not show the differences. Interestingly, even their past history graphs are not consistent with the actual raw temperature measurements. The IPCC predictions cannot even predict the PAST. It seems this “Head-In-The-Sand” policy by Global Warming advocates will be continued as long as fundraising can be successful. Perhaps the fundraising will even continue until the actual trend is so obviously different, that the claim of a “PAUSE” is dramatically Implausible. The Global Warming interpretation of Climate Change was challenged already by the real data starting 2003 (as it was BEFORE 1977).  Some temperature charts stop way back in the year 2000, or even 1998.  The graphs after that are not consistent with the story we are being told.   The most recent charts from the IPCC start in 1998, so that they can show SOME temperature increase during the years they show.  If they start in 2003, with a line drawn through the actual measurements, there is NO increase in temperature, and a decline starts after 2012.  The IPCC CO2 Global Warming model is being challenged dramatically, as the actual measurements continue to diverge. Global annual Surface Temperatures are turning down. Arctic ice is back to average for 2000’s, Antarctic ice is highest since measurement began. Even the retreat of glaciers has slowed.

Temperatures have leveled off, so the Global Warming promoters have redirected attention to violent weather events. However, warm weather events have become rare. No Major Hurricanes came ashore in the US for 5 years. Tornados are much rarer too. Increasing Storm intensity is primarily in the winter cold months and cold records are being smashed by new ones. Bad weather is not being caused by steadily rising temperatures. Instead, it is being caused by increasing local cloudiness, “Arctic Blasts” in the USA and “Arctic Bombs” in Europe. These large Arctic cold air masses are causing increased temperature differentials between adjacent geographical areas. It is the recent cooling next to the prior established heat that is responsible. Oceanic cycles that take over 20 years are exerting control. El Niño is back at the end of 2014, ending drought and causing floods as it has before. This is a classic and long recognized weather model that is only being reinforced by observing today’s weather. (See The Great Global Warming Swindle Video at paullitely.wordpress.com).

All this actual weather IS clearly consistent with cyclical climate history and models, particularly Ocean ElNino and LaNina events. The temperature effects of these events that have been carefully smoothed over by changing the actual measurements as “Homogenization”. Look here to see graphs of the changes made: the changes are obviously consistent with the IPCC story that a steady rapid CO2 increase will cause Global Warming with no end in sight. The IPCC is a United Nations POLITICAL organization who ONLY makes grants to scientists who will produce papers SUPPORTING their CO2 Global Warming THEORY that is being disproven every day by the actual weather.

We are being prepared for radical heat instead of the radical cold that is already on the way. This is a huge disservice to humanity by its leaders and politicians, and even worse, by Politically motivated self-serving scientists. We expect to be betrayed by leaders and politicians. We expect scientists to be true to science instead of politicians and leaders. We continue to be betrayed. We are being made fools of.

Unfortunately, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has deep pockets and shallow morals. They bought, and continue to buy the cooperation of scientists in manipulating world politics and economics. Hopefully, there are enough ethical scientists to restore our faith in Science itself, and they will start to shout as loud as the unethical ones.  The real weather cannot be denied. The IPCC model for CO2 controlled climate is being denied by the weather itself. It will not stand.

The next two years and beyond will demonstrate global cooling that is accelerating, and deepening towards an alarming crisis much worse than the Global Warming predictions. There will not be flooding. There will be starvation.


http://inconveniencetruth.com for more sites with revealing charts, graphs and information.


http://Paullitely.wordpress.com for a more complete explanation of what is really controlling the Earth’s temperature changes, and what to expect.

Look, Listen, and see the facts for yourself. Keep looking at the FACTS, the real measurements, to confirm ANY beliefs you may hold. Having an open mind to predictions other than Global Warming may be critical to your future and the future of large numbers of the world’s population. Early recognition of being fooled will enable early preparation for what is really coming our way. It is politically incorrect to be early and opposite. What is more important? Politics or reality?